Artist’s Statement

I make art that takes the eye on a tour of the subjective.
I look through the back of the head and out the eyes like a lens, or an encrypted filter. The vision is a blur of faces, figures, and objects, rooms and landscapes, symbols, and icons in clouds of certainty with a single central objective.

While getting my BFA at the university of Colorado in 1988, I made big graphite Drawings on watercolor paper. Around 1995 I started working in oils.

In 2007 started thinking about digital. I saw digital as new medium, that had not been fully addressed by art history. Digital has no object, so it can be all objects. It has no scale, so it is all scales. My art comes from the medium. It knows itself. What should digital art look like?


Why make these compositions?

There is more potential on a sheet of white paper then in the knowable universe. When the sheet of paper is asked a question, it eventually gives an answer.

What I want for the viewer

To tell an honest story.
To take the viewer on a journey but not necessarily to a place.
To make a work of art with enjoyable color and composition that hides a story in a riddle.
To make images that are both instantaneous and temporally liner.
To make art that encompasses the abstract, symbologic, and representational.
To talk about the new medium-less technology of digital art.

What I want for myself

I don’t make an image unless it creates flow in my work pattern. It is the feeling that comes form full immersion in work. Flow stops for me when my eye gets stuck, or I am led by the work to ask the wrong questions. I am looking for immersion, description, transportation, cooperation, and conflict as well as:

To look inside and behind things.
To have things to come together and fall apart.
To use the edges to find the middle.
To shoot for saying everything with one line.